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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Very Autumnal

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Hello, I know it's been a long time. I did mean to blog about moving back into my dorm and some college-y things, I promise! But, sadly, my father passed away and it has been a difficult past few months. I do plan on getting around to doing a few posts on college essentials and decor in the near future.

With Halloween just around the corner, Fall is in full swing. Autumn is such a nice time of year though. Being on a college campus, surrounded by trees and old ivy covered buildings makes the season seem somehow magical. The leaves change and begin to fall and you can watch as people begin to add layers. It's funny, college students either put on their winter coat the minute it gets chilly, or wait until it is practically snowing. I love adding christmas (or fairy) lights to my room, lighting candles (autumn scented of course), drinking loads of hot drinks and just keeping cozy.

It's been a bit of a lonely semester. Most people I know are either in an organization (Greek life, sports, clubs, etc) or in the process of pledging this semester. I was unable to pledge this time, but plan to pledge next semester. I've been enjoying the time by watching loads of films, and YouTube. I plan to add a Geneseo vlog to my YouTube within the next week or so as well as posting more on here.

My course load has been hectic this month due to midterms. Lots of papers, presentations and exams, but it has begun to settle down. I was able to go home for Columbus Day weekend and it was a great time spent at an Army football game and a vineyard, with my massive extended family, whom I love to pieces and am so thankful for. (So, now where's the turkey and mashed potatoes.) (37 days!)